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One of our advantages is a deep specialization in the platform. Our team of Salesforce Certified Platform Developers,Technical Architects, Quality Controllers, and team leaders have a level of engagement and extensive knowledge of this platform enabling them to provide solutions and offer services of any difficulty.

We help our clients develop their own individualized standalone Lightning apps and customized Lightning components compatible with the SF1 mobile app. The Lightning Component Framework enables us to design sleek, efficient, and ergonomic environments, which fit the exact needs and wishes of our broad customer base.

Our company understands the vital nature of Hybrid products within the realm of the SF Platform. We offer innovative solutions in the integration of Salesforce applications with a wide variety of platforms, operating systems and third party applications

Heroku is a cloud platform that enables companies to build, deliver, monitor, and scale apps. It is a highly stable and versatile system which helps us invest our developers' time more wisely. Instead of wasting precious resources worrying about servers, infrastructure, or programming language integration issues, our team can focus their energies on developing and deploying apps that immediately start working for our customers and their needs.


Ionic is an open source mobile app development framework, which enables developers to make applications for all major app stores and the mobile web. Its focus on Hybrid app development make it an essential tool in our arsenal to be able to create stable, sophisticated standalone apps for the Salesforce platform. It helps us offer our customers beautiful, browser (or better) quality, within native apps, independent of the need for browsers. The innovative and flexible nature of Ionic has meant that our company can continue to expand and improve the evolution and boundaries of what Salesforce products can be capable of, which is one of our many passions.

Cordova is a platform to build native mobile applications which use HTML5, CSS and Java Script. It is a 'wrapper' which enables such programming to run as native apps. It goes hand-in-hand with platforms such as Ionic to enable us to provide the highest level of quality and stability in our range of mobile application development and integration.

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