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With no errors all our AppExchange Salesforce apps work properly and steadily. The use of our helpful apps approves the principle objectives of sales facilitating, marketing efforts optimization, and customer service quality increasing. You will get all these benefits as we create and develop applications meeting all your requirements appropriate for you particular business.

Which AppExchange Salesforce Applications can we develop right for you?

1. Simple apps: designed to perform definite common tasks, such as creating documents, reports and others.

2. Complex apps: designed to solve more complicated and challenging tasks, such as managing workflow, collecting and storing data and others.

3. IT apps: designed to serve as source for revenue stream and to combine organization products with Salesforce.

AppExchange Individual development

About AppExchange

Have and idea – make it real. Enlist the help of Success Craft team and be sure in getting your concept crafted the way you want to and using the best variety of tools. Your software functionality is going to be enriched and extended with the Salesforce AppExchange App Development and your business will grow in efficiency and success by implementing your apps in different platforms.

Evaluating all your essential requirements precisely, we develop and supply great AppExchange apps. This gives you attractive opportunity to build and develop your business on a safe, reliable and extensible platform with excellent solution that is designed for you.

Convenient and easy to use customization and development features of an effective Salesforce Development Service increase profitability cutting your costs and saving you a lot of precious time.

No idea of how else AppExchange App Development can bring you profit? Just let us ensure that you will:

- Enhance your team’s productivity with accurate workflow customization.

- Quickly and successfully close deals and manage all business processes via only a mobile application.

- Get smooth forecasting and analyzing, efficient reporting system, and smart and helpful decisions and solutions that help you get high impact with low effort.

Benefits of application development

Benefits of application development Strengthen customer engagement

With the help of the application that we design for your business you will improve customer service, speed up the application processing time, receive the necessary information for repeat sales, find new ways to increase your income and increase customer loyalty to your brand.

Benefits of application development Stand out from the competition

Small business owners still avoid mobile applications and it can make you a profit. Stand out and be competitive by implementing a mobile app service into your business. New technologies will not only attract more customers, but make them more involved into the deal process.

Benefits of application development Constant business control

Many mobile applications provide diverse analytical functions for you to see different data on the customer and purchases quantity, costs and income, purchased goods and their price. These effective features save managers from manual work and additional data processing. Ready-made reports are just a few clicks away, and as the result it saves time and money.

Benefits of application development #1 Marketing Channel

There is almost no a single person who doesn’t use the mobile devices, and more than 50% of Internet users have the Marketing Channel in their smartphones. If a person installs your application on his smartphone, he is definitely interested in buying your products and services. Having your own mobile app you work is aimed to target audience. It sounds great and it is so. Your client always sees the icon of your application and it is only one step away from buying.

Why choose us

6+ of CRM consulting expertise

6+ of CRM consulting expertise

Committed consultants with an excellent experience in Salesforce consulting services provide you with all the necessary support covering all your needs and requirements.

Thorough industry knowledge

Thorough industry knowledge

We specialize in various fields of retail trade, telecommunications, IT, banking and financial business, healthcare, educations and many others.

Customer-oriented strategy

Customer-oriented strategy

We offer full technical guidance aimed at providing streamlined support, strategic management and a high level of assistance.

Agile methodology

Agile methodology

We use Agile Methodology, engaging research sprints, agile approach and agile shore as the purpose of efficient planning, absence of release delays and scaling communications.

Our Technologies

Saleforce Saleforce
Heroku Heroku
Node.js Node.js
React.js React.js
Vue.js Vue.js
Angular Angular
hybrid hybrid
Ionic Ionic
Capacitor Capacitor
Flutter Flutter


  1. 1
    Examining, analyzing and defining requirements

    Defining a strategic work plan based on the initial data and requirements, as well as building a functional model to implement it.

  2. 2
    Building up the integration architecture

    Forming the integration architecture and identifying and exploring common difficulties.

  3. 3
    Testing and integration

    Performing one- or two-way integrations and verifying all exchange data processes to ensure their proper functioning.

  4. 4
    Providing technical documentation

    Executing extensive documentation with easy navigation to clarifying the work of integrations between Salesforce applications and your third-party software.

  5. 5
    Providing maintenance and support services

    Guaranteeing full-service maintenance and technical support after the integration process.

8 Years of Exprience
Years of Exprience
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